Home of Beaches Brew is Hana-Bi, a beautiful venue on the Italian shore. Hana-bi is located in Marina di Ravenna, here's how to get there.

Direct flights to Bologna are the best option. From Bologna's city centre, trains and buses are available for transport to Ravenna and Marina Di Ravenna.


We recommend travelling to Marina di Ravenna, and Beaches Brew on public transport. Regional trains will be able to take you to Ravenna, and from Ravenna trainstation, Marina di Ravenna is best to be reached by taking one of three buses that is routed to the coast: 60, 70, or 75.


Exit A14/E45 for Ravenna and follow the signs to Marina di Ravenna.  Hana-Bi is one of the first bars on the seafront. If using a GPS, use:

"Viale della pace, 452G - Marina di Ravenna (RA)


Hana-bi is easily accessible, and entrance is FREE at all times. This beach festival paradise is located about one hour east Bologna on the beach of Marina di Ravenna.


Handmade pasta, delicious salads and amazing gourmet burgers. A sandwich for a quick lunch or a tasteful fish dinner on the beach. All summer, every day.


Tasty food, great cocktails, craft beers, free amazing concerts and music festivals in front of the sea.

From morning 'til night, on the beach.


The sun, the sea, the beach. And beach tennis, basketball, table tennis and a playground for kids (for your children!). And, of course, the music we like. From morning 'til night, that's all you need for the summer.


Hana-Bi and the beach of Marina Di Ravenna are located in an area where there's plenty of accommodations nearby within walking distance.
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