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Tuesday June 4

Hana-Bi, Marina di Ravenna

18:00 Afternoon Delight - Warm Up dj set

19:30 Meril Wubslin* (roof stage)

20:30 Cyril Cyril* (roof stage)

21:20 Ustad Noor Bakhsh (beach stage)

22:15 Yalla Miku* (roof Stage)

23:20 Etran de L'Aïr (Beach Stage)

00:20 Dj Fitz dj set (dj booth)

*presented by Bongo Joe

Wednesday June 5

Hana-Bi, Marina di Ravenna

17:00 Beaches Brew Panel (Hana-Bi Garden)

18:00 Ron Gallo - Warm up dj set

19:30 R.Y.F (roof stage)

20:30 Baby’s Berserk (roof Stage)

21:20 University (beach Stage)

22:15 Lambrini Girls (roof Stage)

23:20 Special Interest (beach stage)

00:20 Cemento Atlantico dj set (dj booth)

Thursday June 6

Hana-Bi, Marina di Ravenna

18:00 JessBonkers & Lotte warm up dj set 19:30 IchBinBob - Roof Stage 20:30 Pö presented by Nyege Nyege - Roof Stage 21:20 Kabeaushè italian debut - Beach Stage 22:15 YHWH Nailgun italian debut - Roof Stage 23:20 MC YALLAH presented by Nyege Nyege - Beach Stage 00:20 Dj Cami Layé Okùn dj set

* presented by Nyege Nyege


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