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Off Program during Beaches Brew 2019!

At Beaches Brew 2019 we do not want you to get bored EVER!

That is why this year we have just created the perfect off program to let you enjoy the beach and the surroundings of Marina di Ravenna all day long!

Afterparties, secret shows, beer schools and happy hour dj sets will be all around the festival: just relax and enjoy your free time on our beach!

June 3 - Harbour Stage


Special Smart live!

Let’s start the festival with a secret set while getting your beard trimmed by the master of beard provided by smart @destefani!

Along with the glittering harbour, get your smart style!

June 3 Alba Hotel


Drink & Chill After-Harbour

When the music ends at the Harbour Stage, join us for one last round of drinks at the Alba Hotel, located at Piazza Dora Markus 13, in the Marina di Ravenna city centre.

Music selection by @toffolomuzik and an amazing drink list by the guys at Finesterre Bar!

June 4-5-6



Hana-bi will host daily Bolé Sparkling Hour, featuring dj sets from festival artists and plenty of Bolé’s Novebolle Doc to go around!

Before the concerts starts, let’s just explore a world of musical opportunities! We believe in inspiring musicians and artists, individuals and collectives who illuminate the world with their extraordinary vision. Like our sparkling revolutionary Bolé Wine!

June 5-6

Brewdog Light Beer School - at Hana-bi

It’s time to learn better what’s inside your pints, what makes your favorite drink so special! Let’s have a chat with the guys from BREWDOG between one soundcheck and another to find out ingredients, features, styles and all the hidden secrets of the beer production. And, of course, tasting is a must!

June 4-5-6


When the music ends at Hana-bi, make your way to Amsterdam Pub for a night cap.

Amsterdam is just 5 minutes away from our festival venue (viale delle nazioni 277) and is the perfect place for one last beer before going back to your room!

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