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Live Skull

The New York no-wave psychos are back! Live Skull exploited the

imagery of gore movies to express their disillusion with society’s turn

toward darkness; now the facts are gory enough on their own. The

reanimated crypt of Live Skull spawns a new brood of cheerful tunes

sure to make your blood boil again!


Formed in 1982, Live Skull is considered by many aficionados to be the

quintessential New York noise band. Together with Sonic Youth and

Swans, Live Skull defined the term "noise rock" in the 1980s,

spearheading the post-No Wave underground music scene in NYC with

a series of legendary live performances and eight groundbreaking

records released over the course of that decade. Often brutal and yet

strangely seductive, each of these classic records creates hooks out of

the most unlikely, seemingly disruptive elements, subverting traditional

rock forms in previously unheard ways that became an undeniable

(albeit often unacknowledged) influence on many of their



After a 30-year break, Live Skull will be releasing a new album in early

November, Saturday Night Massacre, via Bronson Recordings, featuring

current members Mark C, Rich Hutchins, and Kent Heine, as well as

former members Thalia Zadek and Marnie Greenholz.

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