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Klein is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London. Her catalogue of releases - cc (self-released, 2018), Tommy (Hyperdub, 2017), Lagata (self-released) and Only (Howling Owl, 2016) – alongside theatre musical Care (London ICA, 2018), have created tantalising glimpses into her kaleidoscopic world, blending vocal abstraction, disarming experimentalism and pop cultural references, while also layering personal themes of self-belief, misrepresentation and belonging.

Latest album Lifetime (ijn inc., 2019) is a labyrinthine work which Klein compares to ‘giving someone your diary’, taking in themes of existentialism, brutality, vulnerability, estrangement and unexpected fortitude. Every sound is intentional, every reference deeply personal, while the sonics mindfully blur the conventions of experimental and classical music.

To coincide with the release Klein has been touring a constantly evolving live show incorporating elements of music, dance, theatre and interactive technology, with performances so including Serpentine, Barbican, MoMa New York and Unsound festival among others.

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