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Beaches Brew 2022

Lost in Transitions

June 6-9 at Hana-Bi

Marina di Ravenna, Italy

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Beaches Brew is back again in 2022! We can’t wait to host another wonderful gathering under Italy’s summer sun!

The last few years have made it difficult to plan our free festival, and we are still learning what the future of Beaches Brew will look like. Along with our friends around the world, at times we’ve found ourselves lost in these transitions.

As we return in 2022, there will surely be some changes, but we are confident that your time with us in Ravenna, sharing moments with the artists and bands performing, and exploring new possibilities, will bring you the best Beaches Brew experience possible.

We hope to see you on the beach of Marina di Ravenna again this June for four days of good vibes, music and fun, and to finally get back to sharing—together—the beauty of live music.

Stay tuned for more info and line up coming very soon!


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