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Beaches Brew 2023 - 10th Anniversary Edition

The 10th Anniversary Edition of Beaches Brew was truly something special. With artists and audience members visiting Hana-bi from far and wide, it was incredible to have everyone back in our little corner of the world to celebrate 10 years of the festival.

Internationally, we welcomed 10,000 guests over three days from more than 20 countries, from as close as the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands to as far away as Africa, South America, and Australia. Locally, Beaches Brew represented a moment of celebration for a community of enthusiasts who found themselves in a ritual of sharing and healing.

Despite the difficult weather, many Beaches Brew traditions continued to reign supreme. There were electric DJ sets, including a bombastic closer from our dear friend DJ Fitz; unforgettable and radical performances from PONGO, Liv.e, and DJ Travella–who made his Italian debut, along with Nyege Nyege’s Real Phelimuncasi, Amsterdam’s Nusantara Beat, and Ripley Johnson’s Rose City Band; electronic experimentation from So Beast, CHÚPAMEELDEDO and Archivio Futuro; wanderings through folk from Rosali and LANKUM; high octane rock & roll from Dion Lunadon; and explorations in indie avant-garde from Mabe Fratti and Jasper Marsalis’ performance piece Slauson Malone 1.

We’d like to thank our amazing tech crew, the Beaches Brew and Hana-bi staffs, all of our collaborators, sponsors, and local vendors, and you–our beloved visitors, who, after 10 years, continue to visit Beaches Brew, a festival that will remain a place for exploration and discovery, with a program that is inclusive, experimental, challenging, and otherworldly.

Beaches Brew - 10th Anniversary Edition will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you for the memories, and we’ll see you next year!


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