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DJ Fitz
If a Turkish disco diva, a Nigerian record producer, and a Brazilian cabaret
dancer all got together circa 1976, DJ Fitz would be providing the soundtrack.

A unique blend of rare record aficionado and major party animal, Fitz captivates by spinning your favorite jams that you didn't even know existed.


Katzuma: OKE' dj set
Considered by many to be one of the pioneers of Italian hip-hop, since the early 1990s it has linked its name to historical bands such as Isola Posse, Sangue Misto, Neffa & i Messaggeri della Dopa, Merda & Melma. The list of artists he has collaborated with as a rapper and / or producer includes all the heavyweights of the golden era: Kaos, Fritz the Cat, Club Dogo, Inoki, just to name a few. His DJ sets reflect the love for groove at 360 degrees ranging from funk to hip-hop and from disco to house, with a common denominator made of a deep passion for music. In the last ten years he has played for the dance-floors all over Italy, from the most underground house parties to the big festivals of the peninsula.

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