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Maurice Louca
Maurice Louca, an Egyptian musician and composer born in Cairo, is one of the most gifted, prolific and adventurous figures on Egypt’s thriving experimental arts scene today.

Maurice Louca has in recent years garnered a global reputation through two previous solo albums and an expanding, evolving lineup of genre-defying collaborations. The Wire called his 2014 sophomore solo effort, Salute the Parrot, “remarkable music—dense, driven and splashed with colour.” In 2017, the self-titled debut by Lekhfa, the trio of Louca and vocalists Maryam Saleh and Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, was praised as an “edgy triumph” in The Guardian. For Louca, Elephantine, his 3rd and most ambitious album to date, serves as both the pinnacle of his wide-ranging experience and a bold next step in his development as a composer, arranger and bandleader.


Electronic artist and producer Khalab has developed an international reputation for his original fusion of traditional African sounds, deep bass work, jazz, and heavily layered & dense electronic textures. His music evolution is a seamless journey – from the most ancestral tribes to the unexplored cosmos; from the black jungle to the skyscrapers; from the remotest subconscious to the furthest and real projection of future Africa.

Affiliated to On the Corner, Black Acre, Wonderwheel Recordings, and now Real World Records, his wide-reaching musical tastes can be heard regularly on his monthly Worldwide FM show, Love from Rome.

toffolo psarrot.jpg

Cemento Atlantico
Cemento Atlantico, is the first recording project by the Italian dj/producer Alessandro "ToffoloMuzik" Zoffoli. The album “Rotte Interrotte” was born from the need to translate the travel experiences of recent years into music: Morocco, Vietnam, Peru, Cambodia, Colombia, India, Guatemala, Myanmar. At the edge of the world where Cemento Atlantico has kidnapped fragments and samples from nature, history, road and sacred places. Emotions engraved in the mind with occasional recording means, subsequently manipulated through electronics and beats creating a very unique and contemporary sound of cultural melting-pot. More than an album, “Rotte Interrotte” is a casket of timed stories with closed eyes, in the deep conviction that through the sound you can imagine the world without seeing it.

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DJ Fitz
If a Turkish disco diva, a Nigerian record producer, and a Brazilian cabaret
dancer all got together circa 1976, DJ Fitz would be providing the soundtrack.

A unique blend of rare record aficionado and major party animal, Fitz captivates by spinning your favorite jams that you didn't even know existed.

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