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Lafawndah's journey to her current incarnation as a devotional pop polymath has wound as unpredictably as her compositional style.The ceaseless artist returned in September 2020 with ‘The Fifth Season’, released on Parisian label Latency. The Fifth Season anchors Lafawndah as a descendent of forebearers Brigitte Fontaine and Scott Walker - a born theatric whose acid humor warps the sub-continental undertow of her emotive storytelling. Beyond these recorded documents Lafawndah moves in a multitude of creative directions across performance, film, curation and more, including Honey Colony, a concert experience and mixtape series reflecting the sprawling, fluid friendships and affinities that generate some of the most forward thinking body music today.


R Y F is the solo project of Francesca Morello an Italian singer and songwriter based in Ravenna, Italy. R.Y.F. tries to give voice to all diversities, to queer community, to non binary people and to all fabulous creatures. R.Y.F. announces her new album "Everything Burns" that will be released on September 10 via Bronson Recordings. Everything Burns is R.Y.F.’s first foray into electronic music, and an homage to a period of explosive creativity and inspiration. With the pandemic forcing musicians off the road, Morello found herself at home working less with a guitar and more with synthesizers and drum machines, instruments she had long admired in avant-garde bands like Moor Mother and Special Interest.

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So Beast
So Beast are Katarina Poklepovic and Michele Quadri, both producers, beat makers, musicians and composers from mixed backgrounds, currently based in the countryside near Bologna. Born from experimentation and free improvisation, they explored sound and radio art, and then took the direction towards a more defined musical form. Starting from live electronics they intersect elements of contemporary music, hip hop, trap, psychedelia, post punk, pop, avant-garde to create a unique and elaborate musical stylistic extract.

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