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HiTech is a Detroit-bred triple-threat collaboration between rapper-producer-DJs King Milo, Milf Melly, and 47Chops. HiTech is putting a modern twist on Detroit’s electrifying ghettotech sound with a mouthful of Hennessy and a double dose of booty-shaking techno. Since first releasing music in 2022, HiTech has performed across the midwest from venues in Detroit, Chicago, and Cleveland to nightclubs and stadiums in New York City, Atlanta, and Denver, as well as overseas at festivals and venues throughout Europe.


Influenced by midwestern dance music icons from the likes of DJ Assault, Moodymann, DJ

Rashad, and more, HiTech began to fuse a new sound that transitioned the Detroit-based-ghettotech sound they loved into a modern era. High-technology 808s, illustrious melodies, vibrant synths, and fast paced, pitched up vocals weave together their debut project, HiTech as well as their critically acclaimed follow up, 2023’s DETWAT. With a new album on the horizon for 2024, HiTech are well on their way to reimagining dance and techno culture and cementing a new quintessentially Detroit sound.

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