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Delish Da Goddess

Born and raised in Violet, Louisiana, just southeast of New Orleans, Delish Da Goddess is considered one of the Big Easy's best kept secrets. With 7 EPs under her belt and a nonpareil performance style, she has been a steady source of creative energy and inspiration for Louisiana’s Hip Hop scene, affording her Best Rap and Bounce at 2018’s Big Easy Awards.

It was especially her 7th, and to date most cohesive EP, Violet, that put her on a broader map. In the meantime she has been featured in Diplo's Blow Your Head series, TNTs TV series Claws and performed with the likes of Peaches, Le1f, Big Freedia and Sophie.

January 29th 2020 saw the release of her new video Bye America. The video heavily focuses on three lost black girls being stuck in a place where they won’t be accepted but find ways to maintain the life they want to live and teach each other. All you need is a few people in your corner to survive.

True to the title of the track, Delish Da Goddess will come to Europe for the first time in May / June 2020.

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