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Beaches Brew: Route to 2022
**FREE (+RSVP only on July 22)**

JULY 20 Eugenia Post Meridiem - Clever Square

JULY 21 Lafawndah - R.Y.F. - So Beast

JULY 23 Casper Clausen - H. Hawkline - Dj Fitz
ULY 24 Maurice Louca  - Khalab - Cemento Atlantico - Dj Fitz
JULY 25 Dj Fitz - Katzuma: Oké dj set
JULY 26 Miles Cooper Seaton Tribute: C+C=Maxigross with Alioune Slysajah & Marco Giudici + "Andrea Belfi e Alessandro Cau” duo + Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo
JULY 27 Micah P Hanson - Guano Padano
JULY 28 Ron Gallo - Chickpee 
JULY 29 KMRU - Radio Raheem w/ Chourmo

The effects of the last year will take some time to subside. While we won’t be holding our festival in its traditional fashion this summer, we are happy to share that we will be hosting a series of events at Hana-bi and the city of Ravenna and Marina di Ravenna across July 20 - 29, known as “Beaches Brew Presents. Route to 2022”.

Ten relaxed days of shows, dj sets and Q&As to be enjoyed in this slow edition, perfect to chill on the beach while some bands will play under the roof at Hana-bi beach. 
No rush, no big stages: just mellow vibes for the perfect vacation at the seaside.

We aim to bring Beaches Brew back to the beach in its four-day festival form June 6-9 2022. But until then, we are excited to gather together this summer, experimenting with this fresh approach and discovering new possibilities.